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Our team is uniquely qualified and ready to help 

Our team members are uniquely screened, interviewed, and trained to ensure that we are providing top-notch in-home support and senior care to our Chicago community.

Nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast, our office takes pride in the extensive recruitment and retention program we offer. Before joining the Chicago team, our senior care providers must pass three interviews, two background checks, and complete all coursework with a grade of 80% or higher. Team members are also given continuing education in topics such as CPR, Alzheimer’s disease, physical fitness for senior citizens, and much more.

Our support staff is available 24/7 to handle urgent needs. We strive for 100% client satisfaction by conducting in-person supervisory visits, check in calls to clients, caregivers, and family members, and by monitoring client satisfaction via Home Care Pulse, an unbiased, quality assurance organization.

All Comfort Keepers’ caregivers are bonded, insured and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families.


Itay Shalev


For over 12 years Itay has been actively involved in elder care issues. As a psychology student he participated in clinical work that helped to improve the lives of under-served seniors. After seeing the growing need for reliable and trustworthy care, Itay decided to invest his energy full-time into serving the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.

As an owner, Itay understands that each client’s unique situation requires customized and flexible solutions. He is directly involved in every step of the process, from initial client assessments to on-going supervisory visits. Itay is a Juris Doctor and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Romance languages from the University of North Carolina.

Ashley Keenan

Operations Manager

Ashley has over 7 years of experience working in elder care and management. She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Columbia College and has invested more than 100 hours in geriatrics courses. While volunteering for hospice Ashley was inspired by the life stories of her clients: one woman, a retired biologist, had traveled on Safari in Nigeria despite having a broken hip, another client, a retired doctor, shared her heroic stories of running a low - income clinic in Uzbekistan. These experiences led Ashley to pursue a career in senior care, to work with clients preserving the vitality and wonder in their lives.

Victoria F.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Vickie has a long standing passion for helping others. For over 9 years she has provided person centered care in local assisted living facilities. Vickie has excelled in working with persons suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. She often brings games, puzzles, and activities to her clients’ home in order to provide the emotional and cognitive engagement necessary for each client to thrive. Victoria is a Certified Nursing Assistant, holds an associates degree, and is currently completing her R.N. degree.

Katrilya D.

Certified Nursing Assistant

A caregiver with more than 19 years of experience Kay is an important part of our team. Kay is a Certified Medical Assistant and a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Grace H.

Certified Nursing Assistant

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, Grace is highly skilled in providing bathing and grooming assistance, wheelchair transfers, and assisting with ambulation and incontinence needs. Grace is incredibly hard working and enjoys long shifts wherein she can complete a wide range of tasks such as laundry, meal planning, and assistance with personal care.

Eder G.


As a caregiver with more than 5 years of experience in the helping professions, Eder is a dedicated member of our team who helps supervise and mentor our caregiving team. Eder has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.

Erica K.

Certified Home Health Aide

Widely respected among her peers, Erica has a reputation for providing reliable, thorough care to her clients. Erica is enjoys the ever-changing nature of caregiving and excels in helping clients with daily tasks such as cooking, organizing, exercising, and running errands. Erica holds a B.A. in sociology and is a Certified Home Health Aide.

William J.


William has a background in working with Chicago based non-profits. Last year, after years of volunteering his caregiving services, he decided to complete training and become a professional caregiver. Will finds his work most rewarding when he is helping clients during their most challenging life events. His passion is caring for persons under hospice care and those facing conditions such as cancer, late stage dementia, or Parkinson’s disease. Clients have expressed that William is a truly dedicated assistant who brings love and compassion to every task.

Stephanie L.

Certified Home Health Aide

Stephanie’s clients often refer to her as being calm, reassuring, and dedicated. Clients trust Stephanie to be communicative and to listen to their needs. Whether the plan of care calls for assisting with laundry, providing medication reminders, or taking her client to the doctor, Stephanie presents herself with a caring, positive attitude. As a Certified Home Health Aide Stephanie is able to assist with a wide range of home care needs.

Lakiesha M.

Certified Nursing Assistant

With nearly 12 years of experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant Lakiesha is well versed in what it takes to be an effective, empathetic caregiver. One of her greatest passions is providing assistance to clients with mid to late stage dementia. Lakiesha has an impressive ability to redirect clients struggling with memory loss and aide them in experiencing a more focused and purposeful day. Her long term client loves Lakiesha’s visits because she always get her hair brushed, styled, and even has a manicure done! Lakiesha goes the extra mile during each shift to assure her clients have the most engaging life possible.

Vincent P.

Certified Home Health Aide

Nominee for Comfort Keeper of the Year for 2013, Vincent is one of those rare, perceptive, and joyful people that you instantly feel at ease with when you meet him. As a caregiver, Vince has the determination, good nature, and compassion that allows him not to label each day as “good” or “bad” but rather to simply observe and embrace each day as a unique experience; an experience worth cherishing. His smile, warmth, and compassion are infectious.

Vincent exemplifies the core mission of Comfort Keepers---he provides the highest level of quality of life that is achievable for his client. He escorts her on trips to the Cultural Center, gives her timely medication reminders, and is friendly with her neighbors without making her feel dependent. Beyond all of this, Vincent is dedicated to his work. He works holidays, weekends, and any fill in shifts that need to be covered. His top priority is keeping his client happy and healthy at home. Vince is a Certified Home Health Aide.

Amy S.


Having worked in eldercare for over 10 years Amy is an expert in providing loving support during each stage of the aging process. Amy is often regarded as an ‘old soul’ she is patient, committed, and genuinely concerned for the well being of her clients. As a licensed massage therapist, Amy enjoys bringing the comfort of massage to clients suffering from arthritis or acute pain. Always with a smile on her face, Amy has a sturdy reputation for being kind, reliable, and diligent in the quality of care she provides.

Gwendolyn W.

Certified Home Health Aide

A graduate of the Jewish Vocational Society’s Home Health Aide training program, Gwen has the essential knowledge of how to be a great home care aide. Gwen loves to keep client homes tidy and is always ready for new tasks to be added to the care plan. Gwen excels at providing care during rehabilitation and in assisted living/independent care environments. She has completed training in personal care, homemaking, dementia/Alzheimer’s care, and has worked with clients with a wide range of care needs. Gwendolyn holds and Associates degree from Harold Washington College.

Andrea W.


Andrea is a truly remarkable member of our care team. She holds a B.A. in Human Sciences and completed 2 years of Masters level study at Roosevelt University in Clinical Psychology. Since 2004 Andrea has found great fulfillment in serving as a caregiver, domestic violence counselor, and direct support person in communities across Chicago. As a senior caregiver at Comfort Keepers she has successfully helped clients with late stage Alzheimer’s, Stage 4 cancer, and dementia. She has a talent for engaging persons suffering from cognitive decline and memory loss, specifically; she excels in helping clients remain in control of their lifestyle choices and activities of daily living. Andrea is respectful, authentic, and sincerely committed to bettering her clients’ lives.

Ciera A.


According to her clients, Ciera is an “A+ caregiver.” Her bright personality and warm compassion make her an ideal companion for clients facing challenging conditions such as cancer or Parkinson's. Ciera has a B.A. in Theater Studies from U.I.C. and is currently working toward the completion of her R.N. With a special balance of authenticity and technical know how, Ciera has proven that she can make most any client comfortable.

Ricky A.


Ricky’s work ethic and willingness to adapt his schedule make him an ideal caregiver for clients under hospice care. For a number of years Ricky assisted seniors and persons with disabilities with their transportation needs. Realizing that he spent more time with his passengers than most other employees, Ricky was motivated to complete training in the field of eldercare and become a fulltime caregiver.

Ricky has served as a valued companion for clients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and neurological disorders. When Ricky is not working for Comfort Keepers he loves to study world cultures. He has studied abroad in Turkey and is currently working toward the completion of his undergraduate degree.

Jaimee Halley


Jaimee Halley is an energetic and friendly caregiver with several years of private duty experience caring for seniors and children. During training Jaimee demonstrated above average skills and knowledge of Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. She has a clear understanding that patients with AD need calm, patient support, and that redirection may be needed when a situation or task becomes difficult for them. Jaimee’s clients have reported a high level of satisfaction with her work ethic and ability to be proactive.

Chanel Manney


Chanel Manney is a Certified Medical Assistant. She is currently working on her B.A. in Health Service Management at Independence University. Channel has been working as in senior-care since August 2013. She has a warm, calm personality and loves to provide comfort and companionship to her clients. Chanel is a great listener and has shown a genuine concern for the well-being of her clients.

Orlando Lopez Jr.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Tashawna C.


 Tashawna is a patient and caring companion. She loves to provide memory care to clients struggling with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Tashawna’s clients have praised her from being proactive and assisting them on outings around the city. She helps her clients attend lunches with friends, visit cultural institutions like the Art Institute and Millennium Park, and always remembers to help out with daily activities such as medication reminders, restroom assistance, and meal preparation.

Speaking of her work as a caregiver Tashawna said, “My experience with my client has been awesome. She shared stories about growing up in Chicago, what life was like back in the day, and I felt that connection as if she was my own grandmother.” Tashawna holds and Associates degree from Harold Washington College.

Armando G.


Armando has over 10 years of experience as a caregiver to persons suffering from stroke, paraplegia, cancer, and dementia. Armando brings a unique approach to his work by engaging clients in painting, outings, and providing well-planned meals. Armando has a BFA from Wayne State University.

Raquel J.


As a graduate of the University of Perpetual Help-Philippines Nursing program, Raquel has many years of experience assisting clients with medication reminders, personal care, grooming assistance, and many other aspects of eldercare. Raquel consistently receives high marks from her clients. She is regarded as dependable, dedicated, and adaptive to the needs of her clients.

Genetta S.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Karon L.


Brian M.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Lekeyna S.


Yvette S.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Lasandra B.


Mel H.


Corneilus J.

Certified Nursing Assistant

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